Fabric ATCs



I have been playing with a few transfer techniques in order to get digital images onto fabric. The lady on the left (Mata Hara) was printed onto T shirt transfer paper then the image transferred to plain calico by heat transfer (craft iron). The lady to
the right (lady with rose) was printed onto inkjet printable acetate then the image transferred onto Gel medium which had been painted onto the plain calico. As I wanted both images to have a slightly worn look I added a grunge border (Jessica Prague’s) before printing. The T shirt transfer material can also be distressed a little if you tear (carefully) rather than cutting the image out and you can add a bit more distress by scraping bits away with your thumb nail. The acetate transfer came out very dark so in future I will remember to brighten the image before printing. Also the more pressure you use to burnish the image the more the ink smudges. The images used are from Art-e-zine

Mata Hara
Inks: Distress ink Bundles sage sponged on the edges of the fabric
Card/fabric: Green card, plain calico
Other: Decadry T shirt transfer paper, gems

Lady with rose                                                                                          Inks: Stampin up Not quite navy sponged on the edges
Card/fabric: beige card, plain calico
Other: seed beads, sequin flowers, Prima SIP embellishment, fluffy fibre, printable acetate

9 comments on “Fabric ATCs
  1. Anonymous says:

    great tips, thanks Jackie

  2. craftytrog says:

    Both are beautiful! x

  3. Effie says:

    They have both worked fabulously well…….they would look fab made big and put a bag!…and embroidered and beaded….now there’s a project…………..

  4. Sue says:

    wow they are amazing Jackie

  5. Angelnorth says:

    Those look fabulous Jackie, good to see the results of your experimenting !

  6. Deborah says:

    These are gorgeous! I particularly like the Mata Hari – the tee shirt transfer paper works really well.

  7. Deb says:

    Brilliant idea. And thanx for the tips too.

  8. Lottie says:

    These are just fantastic Jackie – thanks for sharing with us – I can see that I will be ‘hooked’ on this transfer ‘lark’ – if I can find a cheaper way of doing it rather than the make of transfer paper I am using at the moment

  9. Tinkertaylor says:

    never tried this technique but these are stunning