Leg warmers for chilly days.

Happy New Year to you all.

I have finally finished knitting my long leg warmers and I can’t say it was a labour of love but just necessity. I was so very annoyed at having lost my one and only fabulous pair of Calvin Klein, long black leg warmers, and have been unable to find anything similar, so I just had to bite the bullet and make some. I did try to knit in the round with the 4 short needles, but, with my arthritic hands, I just kept losing my grip on the needles and the stitches all fell off. So they are just a long rectangle with a small cuff at the bottom and and top, then cast off using Lori’s stretchy bind off.   Then I stitched up the seam. I am not a big fan of that yarn either as it kept breaking leaving a thread with a bit of wool missing. Now I can put my knitting away and get out my next crochet project. I much prefer crochet as it is a lot easier to see and sort out mistakes than knitting is.