Tompot Blenny Fish using coloured pencils.

I was reading a science magazine one day and found a fabulous photograph of a Tompot Blenny fish which looked so colourful and full of character that I wanted to have a go at painting it.  With kind permission of Alexander Mustard (the photographer) I had a go.  I did a rather scruffy, coloured pencil painting/sketch in my sketchbook.   I did not do the photograph justice, so one day I will do a better painting but perhaps with water colour, acrylics or mixed media. It needs some really bright colours.   As usual, some of the blended colours did not show up on the photograph below, especially the turquoise in the background.  It was fun to do but I am not happy with the result, it is too scratchy looking and not bright enough.  Must do better.



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