Sketchbook Project 2014 Organised Chaos (page 4) Chaos


Inspired by the book CHAOS making a new science by James Gleick; another good read.  The Butterfly effect (sensitive dependence on initial conditions).  Tiny changes can have large consequences following a chain of events. (this is only a small portion of what the book is about – he explores randomness, patterns, science and maths and other theories).  Again this double page has watercolour pencils, inktense pencils, black Pitt pen and some butterfly stamps.

Sketchbook Project 2014 Organised Chaos (page 1) Daisy world


Inside front page


The first pages of my little book.  I used the verse from The Big Bang Theory (by the Barenaked ladies) to get the book started then  the first page depicts Daisy world from the Gaia theory of James Lovelock.  He describes a kind of planetary feedback mechanism to maintain Earth’s homeostasis.  In one very simple model he talks about black daisies and white daisies bringing this about and this is what I imagined as I read it.  I used acrylic paints, black pen, Prisma pencils with sansador and some sequin waste as a stencil.



Sketchbook Project 2014 Organised Chaos (cover)


I finally finished my Sketchbook project for 2014 and it is now in Brooklyn and will go on the Northeast tour in 2014.  I like the idea that my little book will be going on tour and not just sitting in my bookcase at home.

The theme I picked was ‘Greetings from…’ so mine is Greetings from this extraordinary place called Earth and is named Organised Chaos.  What makes out Earth unique?  Is it just chaotic randomness or is it all structured and within the laws of nature?  Why do you find similar patterns emerging on different surfaces.  I don’t give any answers I merely depict what was going on in my head while I daydreamed about the questions.  I took out the rather thin paper that was in the journal and used bamboo paper instead as I like to use all kinds of media.  I also changed the cover from the plain brown card one to a grunge board one which I then painted with gesso and acrylic paint.  I sprayed the cover with a light coat of sealant but it reacted a little with the ink on the label so I hope it still scans ok.

Moving on card (retirement card for a young person)


When someone is retiring early to go and do other things in their life it is nice to call it ‘moving on’ rather than ‘retiring’ and I think this sentiment is quite apt for this occasion.  This card is another one made form a page I had originally created with art journalling in mind.

Inks/paint:  Black document ink, Acrylic paint Lime green, Red bird, Black and Antique white.

Card:  Bamboo watercolour paper, White card, black card.

Stamps:  Tim Holtz Fairytale frenzy, Dylusions Around the edge

Other:  Napkin, Collage podge, spiral paper clip, Prima pebble, black nail heads, Pitt pens 118 and 109 to colour in the text.



Live, Laugh, Love butterfly card


Here is a card made using a background page that I made during a demo at my local scrapbook crop.  I was demonstrating how to begin art journal backgrounds but these pages can be used for other purpose too.

Inks/paint:  Crafter’s acrylic paint Spa blue, Light antique white. Turquoise and Basic primary yellow and gold.  India black ink.

Card:  Bamboo watercolour paper, white card and black card.

Stamps:  Tim Holtz Fairytale frenzy and Mini muse, free stamp (craft stamper mag).

Stencil:  Balzerz designs Mini cubist

Seeds art journal page.


After watching some of Milliande’s seed journal videos and I took few photos last year of some seeds I found in my garden with the intention of creating my own seed journal.  I finally got around to doing this double page.  Although I absolutely love the blues and browns Milliande uses  but I wanted to keep the reds and greens I saw in the plant, apart from that I don’t have many acrylic ink colours and I really wanted to have a go with them.

See me art journal pages


At first I was not at all pleased with these pages as they were just a bit too messy (more mess than grunge) but they are growing on me.  They reflect how I was feeling at the time: invisible, ignored, angry, frustrated, people looking through or past me, not being heard, being dismissed…….and so on. I find the scribbles and scratches get over the angry frustrating feelings while the images of the grungy silhouettes signify me just blending into the background.

I feel like this a LOT!!

Inks/paint: various acrylic paints, Memento Tuxedo black, Stampin up Taken with teal, Speedball India ink
Card: plain journal, tissue paper (stamped with the grungy silhouettes)
Stamps:  Dina Waklay Grungy silhouette D1007, Tim Holtz alphabet, Scrolls Work Stamps Netting, Paperbag studios Scrap journal (bubble wrap stamp)
Other:  Crafty notions Rusting powder and vinegar, Oil pastels, white pen, Black Pitt pens, Glue n seal

Stampotique birthday card


This card was inspired by the Craftstamper mag. but it is an amalgamation of a few ideas all of which I have used in various art journal pages but not usually in my cards.  I used acrylic paper as I wanted it to look a bit like canvas but I had to be careful with swiping it with baby wipes as the surface disintegrates.  I maybe should have given it a thin wash of gesso first.
Only one Candle Carey 😉

Inks:  Black India ink, inktense pencils to colour image, copic pen for skin (not good with the India ink though), Acrylic paints: Black, Lime, Moss, Turquoise and White
Card:  acrylic card, white card, turquoise card
Stamps:  Stampotique Karen, Cute companions Patchwork number set 2 (little cup cake), computer generated text
Other:  black pen