Natural surfaces sketch


Finally on the last day of the sketchbook challenge for March I have had time to do a sketch.  The theme for March was Natural surfaces – I absolutely love the patterns you see all around in nature and I have quite a few photos of surface that I have yet to do something with.  A while back I took a couple of photos while we were visiting the Natural museum of Scotland above is orbicular granodiorite.  You can capture quite a lot of detail even with my small camera and I can see I will have fun doing a few things with these images when I have time.


I did a small sketch using shades of grey Pitt pens on some patterned paper which already looked like a stone background.  This was then manipulated in photoshop (inverted and coloured) to add colour.  I was just mucking about so I don’t know if I would ever be able to replicate it.