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Pass the painting- Pauline’s 1st layer



Pauline did the first layer then I did the second layer.

The pass the painting project is going ok.  I passed my painting with the 1st layer on to Rossie, and Pauline has passed her 1st layer to me.  For the 2nd layer I used acrylic paint.  I picked out 3 colours from the 1st layer and and splotched, stamped and daubed it onto the background.
Acrylic colours:  lime, cerise and blue (with a tiny bit of gel medium in places to make it a little less opaque so you can still see some of the text through it).

Pass the Painting – 1st layer


A little band of 5 (Go 4 it Girls) have got together to do a variety of projects and the first one is called Pass the Painting.  The object of this project is for each of us to a first layer of a painting (or art journal) then pass it onto the next person who then does the next layer and so on.  We will each have a final original piece of art.  I think this is going to be a lot of fun and I can’t wait to see all the final art work.

Card:  18/24cm canvas board (gerstaeker) which is already primed with acrylic.
Paint:  acrylic paint: Violet, Orange yellow and Cadmium red hue and left a bit of the white backgound showing through.
Other:  credit card to spread the paint, daubers, and lids for the circles, mesh as a stencil

Abstract card


The last time Carey was up for a visit with the family we got talking about abstract painting and although I have never painted an abstract painting before it struck me that the backgrounds I do for some of my art journals are just that.  So I did this painting for Carey’s card using the same methods I would for a background but with really bright blocks of colour and almost filling the page.  I am quite pleased with the results but it is hard to know when to stop adding bits.

Inks/paint:  blue, yellow, red, black and white acrylic paint, coloured pens
Card:  water colour card and a large aperture card
Other:  stencils, sequin waste, bottle caps, daubers