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Category: wax

Tall encaustic landscape card


Turned the card to portrait for this encaustic landscape and I used the more traditional earthy colours again.

Encaustic Auroa landscape card


This card looks a little bit like the Aurora Borealis over some hills with a bit of reflection in the sea or a loch. I had a touch of silver wax left in my stylus and this mixed with the brown when I was defining the edge of the coast and I like how it turned out.

Landscape Encaustic


I have been playing with my waxes again and going for a slightly different colour combo than my usual.  Not that much different but not a simple pale blue and pink sky this time.

Encaustic landscape cards



My great friend Lizzie and I were playing with my encaustic kit the other day and we made a few cards each.  I am afraid I don’t have a photo of Lizzie’s but they were very much the same as these.

The colours of wax are all from the starter kit and the card used is the silk coated card (the same as I use for brayering).